Ep111: Love, Reality, Limiting Beliefs and Optimism with Gary Temple Bodley

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“The thing we have control over is our belief system.”

Gary Temple Bodley

In the time of COVID-19, how can you release fear, anxiety and judgement? How can you reinvent yourself  to manifest the life you desire when the world feels upside-down?  

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Who is Gary?

Gary Temple Bodley is an author, speaker and the host of two popular podcasts; Joshua Live and The Law of Attraction Roundtable. He is a spiritual leader and teacher based in North Carolina. In November 2013, Gary emerged as one of the world’s leading channels bringing forth a group of nonphysical teachers known as Joshua. Since this time, Joshua has written five books through Gary, as well as dozens of articles and has answered hundreds of questions from people all across the globe. Gary has appeared on the cover of Law of Attraction Magazine, and in many live events, written articles for magazines and blogs, and has been a guest of several podcasts.


  • Gary’s journey to now
  • When control isn’t working (7:01)
  • The common story of reinvention after 2008 (16:20)
  • Breaking down what happens when we have negative emotions (19:53)
  • Thinking about Coronavirus as victim or creator (23:37)
  • Conscious Capitalism (29:23)
  • The latest Joshua Teachings
  • An positive shift and ending of limiting beliefs (33:13)
  • What we can learn from young people
  • Finding yourself through life’s trials

Resources from this Episode:

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