EP103: Animal Communication, Fur Babies, Companionship and Love with Stacy Krafczyk

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What does it mean to to communicate with animals and how can it help us to live better lives?

“…people who share their life animals are already intuitively connected, just not always consciously aware of how they’re communicating [with their] animals…What is this animal doing to help me to heal?.”

Stacy Krafczyk

Who is Stacy?

Stacy Krafczyk is an International renowned Professional Animal Communicator Specialist, Psychic/ Medium and a Reiki Master Teacher. Stacy works with both people and animals on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level to help create an overall sense of well being and healing. She helps people gain unique perspectives regarding their own personal life journey, develop an understanding of the things that both help and hinder the individual in reaching their goals, and gently guides people in reaching their greatest potential.

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Show Notes:

  • What brought Stacy to animal communication? (5:21)
  • The fear component in any psychic ability (8:10)
  • How animals give feedback during animal communication? (9:36)
  • Are they really pets? (11:16)
  • Client Mind Story: Not chunky at all (13:51)
  • The communication process (15:32)
  • The depth and knowing of animals  (19:09)
  • What science tells us about animals (21:03)
  • How we pick up on our animal’s thoughts and feelings without realizing it (24:18)
  • How reading animals is different from reading humans (26:14)
  • Reincarnation: Do humans come back as animals? (27:14)
  • Dealing with the opposition of beliefs (30:48)
  • What Stacy sees in her work that can give us all hope (33:43)
  • What animal energy does for us (37:50)

Additional Resources:

Animal Communication, Fur Babies, Companionship and Love

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