Ep102: Laughter, Insight, Laugh Yoga and Laughnosis with Dave Berman

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Find out how laughter can, even if intentional, can create lasting positive change in your life. Plus, how to start your own intentional laughter regimen right now! 

“Laughter is hypnotic…. The body doesn’t know the difference between laughing at something funny and laughing on purpose.”

Dave Berman

Personal Trainer For Your Inner Child: Dave Berman is an internationally recognized laughter expert, coach, consultant, author, and public speaker. He is best known for producing videos demonstrating intentional laughter every day for nearly 3.5 years.

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Show Notes:

  • Dave’s elevator pitch (5:27)
  • Laughter Yoga’s influence on Dave (6:55)
  • The impact of laughter (9:54)
  • How laughter leads to Mind Flipping (11:57)
  • Changing the meaning of the past (14:42)
  • How does laughter increase awareness (16:13)
  • Exercise: Intentional Laughter Practice  (20:24)
  • Laughter is innate (24:30)
  • Why is laughter hard for some people? (27:41)
  • What’s next for Dave? (32:35)
  • Who is the Playful Path for? (35:19)

Additional Resources:

Laughter, Insight, Laugh Yoga and Laughnosis with Dave Berman Hypnosis

If you would like to contact Rick, you can send him an audio message, use the contact page HERE  or in connect with him in the Mind Flipping Facebook Group. Let’s keep the mind flipping conversation going, together! 

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