EP101: Tech Wellness, Toxins, Mindfulness and Privacy Stealers with August Brice

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Do you know how screen time all your gadgets affect your health and emotional well being? August Brice shares how we can protect ourselves from electromagnetic field radiation while still enjoying the ease and connection of your smart devices. 

“Because whether or not you feel it, you’re definitely being affected by the wireless energy.”

August Brice

August Brice has the practical experience to help individuals and their loved one’s lead lives of health, resilience, mindfulness, confidence and connection. Through her work with Tech Wellness, August separates the hype from the truth providing tips for balance without having to abandon the technology that makes life easy, convenient, and connected. August emphasizes the importance of internet privacy and ways to make your online world more secure by offering methods of cyber protection. She looks to create a world where there is more privacy and security, less teenage depression and better physical and emotional health including better sleep, fewer headaches, and less anxiety. 

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Show Notes:

  • The reason August became interested in Tech Wellness (3:55)
  • August’s journey into the business of Tech Wellness (6:45)
  • A practice you can start today: Releasing limiting beliefs (8:21)
  • How many people are sensitive to EMF? (10:36)
  • The shocking reason August became a privacy advocate (13:30)
  • Blue light and melatonin production (17:04)
  • Mind Flipping Story: Screen Time Fasting (18:46)
  • The EMF Meter (23:03)
  • What you can do to protect yourself from radiation (25:23)
  • How does Mindfulness fit into Tech Wellness? (28:33)
  • Apps are kinda like a drug, ya’ll…and what is Nomophobia? (31:09)
  • What is JOMO? (32:55)
  • What did a study find out about teenage boys with smart phones? (33:45)
  • The Spackle Round (36:02)
  • August’s Word of the Day
  • A Non Material Gift that August LOVED

Additional Resources:

Tech Wellness, Toxins, Mindfulness and Privacy Stealers with August Brice-- Mind Flipping with Rick Paddock

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